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    Radio Button Color


      Hi Folks,


      I have a “Radio Button” field that is a “1” when the radio button is selected. What I would like to do is when the button is selected; I would like the physical button to change to a “Red” color. I do not need to display the value of “1” to the user. I have not been able to make this happen nor have I been able to find anything in the forum that explains how to do this or if it is even possible. My end result needed is a Circle that is Red filled about the size of an eraser tip diameter on the layout when the Radio Button field value is 1. FMPA 11 on Windows 7.





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          You've got a couple of conflicting issues in trying to do this.


          You can change the text colour of the radio button, but this doesn't control the colour of the radio button itself. Text colour can be controlled via conditional formatting.


          The actual circle of the radio button is controlled via the line colour control. This can't be controlled via conditional formatting.


          You might consider a cheat - using a graphic and container fields; swapping graphics in and out via a script.

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            Another option is this nifty little trick:





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              1) Create a button ( size 15x15 ), give it a corner radius of 10, a solid line and a red fill color.

              2) Conditional format it with formula:not YourTable::YourFlagField and fill color white.

              3) Give it the single step: Set Field [ YourTable::YourFlagField ; not YourTable::YourFlagField ]


              That's all.

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                Thank you to David, Mike and Daniele. Danilele’s solution is what I will be using.


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                Thanks to all of you - Mike