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    Buying Licenses


      When buying licenses for clients, what is the best way to save them money?


      I've been paying retail for their licenses until now but was wondering if there was a developer price. And if so, is there a minimum purchase?



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          If you're part of the FBA you can get them a discount.  No minimum.  I've purchased a single license for a client through FBA to get them a discount.  Bigger discounts apply if getting 5 or more licenses.

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            Tell them to use FileMaker Go.   (just kidding).


            I believer that if you are a member of the FBA, the cost is $99.00 / license but there may be a minimum of 10.


            Note too there are educational discounts. I think I got FM desktop for $179.00 / copy that way.


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              FBA special pricing is only for internal use, and at $499 it wouldn't help my clients much.


              Client wouldn't qualify for educational pricing.


              Thanks anway, I was just wondering...

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                The internal use discount is larger (I think 50%), but there are still discounts for your clients.  On a single license it's not much, but if they're needing 5 or more it can really add up.


                I'm a member of the FBA and I've helped clients get licenses at a discount.  It's one of the advantages of being part of the FBA: we can get them stuff cheaper than on their own.


                From the FBA site: (emphasis theirs)


                "FBA members have the ability to purchase FileMaker software FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS' USE at a SIGNIFICANT discount for the purpose of bundling it with their solutions through Preferred VAR Pricing. Please call your local FileMaker sales representative to place your order. Be sure to mention you are an FBA member and would like to purchase for your client under the Preferred VAR Pricing program."

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                  As Ethan said, FBA members can purchase at a discounted rate for resale to their customers. FileMaker supply us with a reseller price list which includes our buy and sell prices. The margins aren't great, but it's still worthwhile.We only sell to clients at the full price recommended by FileMaker. Almost all of our clients have signed up to Annual Volume License Agreements (AVLA's). It's a much cheaper initial outlay at one third of the cost of purchasing outright, is easy to sell to clients because it includes upgrades and makes it easier for clients to budget.


                  The biggest advantage however, is that at least once a year, we are in contact with our clients to renew their licenses. This often leads to additional development work and helps establish a long term relationship with clients.


                  At least, that's how we do things here in Australia. I'm assuming the same would apply where you are.