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    Can't reorder scripts


      I have a server-hosted FM12 database that no longer allows me to reorder scripts or move them into folders.

      I can, however, create new and edit scripts. And while we can do everything else we need to in this file, I’m afraid this is a sign of bigger problems.


      Steps taken thus far that did not correct the problem:

      • Copied file

      • Copied compacted file

      • Recovered file both on the server and off, which produced a warning dialog box: Problems detected while recovering the database. Recovered file should not be used going forward...


      How should I proceed? It is not a complex database, but I have over 100 scripts and 25,000+ records we use daily.

      Will importing or pasting the scripts into a new database structure bring the problem with me? Do I need to build from scratch?

      I need a fix with the fastest downtime since my team relies heavily on this database.


      I found a thread saying a corrupt script index can cause this problem, but don’t understand where or what that is or how to fix it.


      Thank you

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          Have you tried saving a clone?



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            Yes. Same problem.

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              Do you have a backup that doesn't have the problem?

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                All my FM12 backups - going back to June of this year - have the problem. I can start converting some older .fp7 (FM11) copies and checking them.

                I just tried building a new db, imported tables & scripts (no data) and it held some of my script ordering changes but not all of them. As soon as I created a new script folder and moved scripts into it and then moved it, things seemed to lock down. I deleted that new script folder and it holds my changes.

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                  It sounds like you definitely have a script index corrupted. The best I can tell you at this point is (a) try to rebuild the file (ouch), or (b) contact Winfried Huslik (www.fmdiff.com) and see if he can do something for you. (He's a fellow who gets seriously under the hood with file corruption and can analyze the internals of the database.) I don't generally recommend going forward with a recovered database, although if you can't afford the time for a rebuild or the money for Winfried to help you, that may be your only option.






                  Edit: If you decide to go for the rebuild, one thing that can help you is doing a little trial and error. Import one script at a time until you find the one that causes the problem and rebuild it from scratch. I wouldn't assume the others are safe, though; continue importing one at a time, as needed, to make sure you have only the "clean" ones.

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                    OK. We've decided to go with a rebuild. I'm leaving a live version on the server while I work on my hard drive, pulling everything but the actual data from a compacted copy.

                    Just to be safe, I'll create all script folders new.


                    Thanks so much for your responses, even though this isn't quite the resolution I was hoping for. I also wish I understood a little more about the problem, if only to avoid it in the future.



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                      How old is the original file? Was this first created in FM12 or an earlier version? You haven't contacted Winfried yet? You really should.

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                        The key to protecting yourself from this sort of thing is periodic maintenance on the file. You should, from time to time, create a clone of the database and store it somewhere safe. (FileMaker Server can do this automatically as part of your backup strategy, should you desire.) That way, if you ever run into a corruption issue, you can back up to the last healthy clone and go from there.


                        Other tips to avoid corruption:


                        1) Never run virus or security scans on hosted databases.

                        2) Never attempt to open a hosted database directly from the database directory; always open through the Server connection.

                        3) Wherever possible, don't share databases held on a local hard drive, or (worse) on a remote directory share. Use FileMaker Server to share databases in a multi-user environment.

                        4) Try not to engage in "hot fixes" - changes to the database schema - on a production database, especially to the security dialog or to the Define Database dialog, while users are actively working. (This is a debated - sometimes hotly debated - topic. I fall on the "better safe than sorry" side of the debate.)

                        5) In addition to your routine clones, it's a good idea to shut your database down every so often and save it as a compacted copy. This can repair any indexing issues that might be present. However, you can overdo this, as a compaction can negatively impact performance, so use judiciously.


                        Others on the board may have additional suggestions. Sorry for your situation. Most of us have been there at one point or another.



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                          Ahh. I'm afraid I'm guilty of #4. Never knew otherwise. But after this, I certainly agree with the extra precaution.

                          And to answer the previous question, the database is many years old and I can't even remember the FM version we were on when I created it. So perhaps a rebuild is for the best.

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                            Some time ago I read a post about this behavior. There was a folder or a script with an underscore as the name in an older file and when copied into another file it caused this problem. the developer had to recover the file to again be able to move/delete scripts. Although, I haven't heard of this happening with FMP 12.

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                              yes, you may get a "warning", but did Recover fix the problem ?   if so, then you may be OK.  What items did the log say were "changed" ?


                              see here, under "Manage Scripts Problems":







                              > Recovered file both on the server and off, which produced a warning dialog box: Problems detected ...

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                                I remember this problem from a while back. Sadly, I can not recall the details. But it was in V10 and I remember solving it by making a clone copy of the file(s). Then I deleted all the scripts in the original file and then impotred them from the clone. (without the folders)


                                Also I found this: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6316


                                Sorry I can't be more specific.