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Can't reorder scripts

Question asked by kacedars on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by usbc

I have a server-hosted FM12 database that no longer allows me to reorder scripts or move them into folders.

I can, however, create new and edit scripts. And while we can do everything else we need to in this file, I’m afraid this is a sign of bigger problems.


Steps taken thus far that did not correct the problem:

• Copied file

• Copied compacted file

• Recovered file both on the server and off, which produced a warning dialog box: Problems detected while recovering the database. Recovered file should not be used going forward...


How should I proceed? It is not a complex database, but I have over 100 scripts and 25,000+ records we use daily.

Will importing or pasting the scripts into a new database structure bring the problem with me? Do I need to build from scratch?

I need a fix with the fastest downtime since my team relies heavily on this database.


I found a thread saying a corrupt script index can cause this problem, but don’t understand where or what that is or how to fix it.


Thank you