Going Slow and crashes

Discussion created by MartinBridges on Aug 9, 2013
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I know it's a vague brief but I'm stumped as to where to look.


My client yesterday using FM12 running on a remote hosted server emailed me this...


"I am having issues with the database that it keeps throwing me out and taking ages to load when I select a component. It has already thrown me out 4 times in 40 minutes! Matt A is having the same problem. "


There's only a max of 6 people using this database at present (obviously only 2 yesterday) - might get towards 50 in the future.


I've tried everything to recreate the issue and can't get it to run slow or crash. I wondered whether it's due to the age of their desktop machine rather than any filemaker issue but their IT manager says not!


Any suggestions gratefully received.