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IWP Database Needs to be synchronized with internal database automatically

Question asked by jasongan on Aug 9, 2013
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Hello, Forum


I need your advice on how to do this.


Internally I have a FileMaker database including store profile, and orders processing tables. We need to only open store profile data available to our store client.


We have a Windows server that were put outside of the firewall, the client head office is able to access to it via Internet. I am thinking to install FileMaker Server Adv 11 in that

server, and only put the store profile data ( this is only one table ) as another fp7 file, and use IWP to share the store data with the client. The client can only view the store info, and run some query.


My special requirement is: Since we constantly update the store data internally, we need to keep these two database synchhronized. I think if I can schedule a server script in the internal server

to update the ourside database each night. that will be an acceptable solution. Or maybe there is a better solution: once the internal info is changed, the updated info will be pushed to update

the outsite database?


Is there any limitation for server export, and IWP importing for FileMaker Advanced v11?