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    Drop Down List


      Why - when using a drop down list and selecting a value in the list - does the cursor automatically go to the next field?


      Go to next object - nothing is selected for the field.

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          Stephen Huston

          Making the selection from the Value List is treated as completing the field, which causes FM to jump to the next field as defined by the layout's Tab Order.


          What behavior are you trying to achieve instead?

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            I want nothing to be selected - is adding a commit script to every drop dwon list - the only solution?

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              Perhaps you can explain a little more about what you want to achieve so we can guide you in the right directions

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                The reason I don't want it to jump to another field - on the iOS - this causes the keyboard to jump up automatically  - I don't want the keyboard jumping up automatically or any other input interface.

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                  The easiest way to achieve that is to remove them from the tab order. In layout mode under layouts slect "set tab order" and delete the number from the field you don't want it to jump to


                  Hope that helps

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                    Although this works well with drop down lists (which is what bmohnsen originally asked about), I'm having trouble using the same trick with pop-up menus on iOS - sure, removing the field from the tab order prevents the keyboard appearing, but it also leaves the pop-up menu displayed.  It would be nice to have the best of both worlds - i.e. remove the menu after an item has been selected, but not have the keyboard appear.



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                      Try this:


                      1.     Clear all tabs on the layout

                      2.     Create a script with one step—GoToField()

                      3.     On the field with the dropdown list, set an OnObjectModify script trigger to call this script

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                        I use an OnObjectModify script trigger that commits the record (combined with the tab order tricks others have already recommended) to solve this problem.



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                          I have a similar issue with one of my layouts. The last field in the tab order is a date field with a drop-down calendar. After the user selects a date, it puts them into the first field in the tab order, which is a customer selection pop-up menu. On the Mac, it's not a big deal, because the customer selection fields is just selected with a highlight around it. On Windows, however the customer selction field pop-up menu, well, pops up, which then covers half of the screen and presents the user with a prime oportunity clicking on a different customer, in trying to get rid of that pop-up menu.


                          My work-around, was to re-order my last few fields so that I have a less-used field after that date field, hence it moves the tab order to that one, instead of back up to the top.


                          But, I agree, it would be nice to set the behavior to just make the selection and commit, rather than also tabbing to the next field.




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                            Shawn, the OnObjectModify technique works if the field is last in the tab order also. It works best if contents are selected on entry.

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                              Thanks Mike, that works a treat.  I was experimenting with tabbing to a "dummy" field just off the edge of the layout, which works OK, but this is much better.