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how do I stop portal from breaking when printing

Question asked by peteraddison on Aug 10, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2013 by usbc

I'm trying to print a form with a portal containing multiple items from a related table. The problem is:


If a portal record falls on a page break, some of the data is on one page, and some on the next, and this is not useful.


For example, think of this like an invoice with multiple "line-items" where the line items come from a different table, but with very detailed descriptions.


How can I prevent that bad break, when there needs to be a large number of items in the portal?


BTW I've tried making the layout in the child (line-items) table, like the "invoices" starter solution, but the same issues comes up. In that example the 'portal' of the main record gets placed on a short body part. I've played with this layout and the "allow part to break" choices, but nothing has yielded satisfactory results.