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Guests each get globals?

Question asked by njem on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by carolej

I just want to confirm what my understanding is and what my tests indicate. Don't want any surprises when this IWP DB goes public.

This IWP DB will be hosted by Server. It uses the auto-Guest login.

1. That each Guest is seen by Server as a distinct user (I guess via IP?) so what one Guest does won't affect what another Guest does?

(Other than the usual trying to save changes to the same record limitation.)

2. That they each get their own global storage fields so again what one does doesn't affect the other?

(I know their changes to global fields won't be saved. It's just for them to enter something for the moment.)

(Also these are just text globals, not calculations.)

3. The same for variables in scripts, they have their own, one Guest doesn't affect the other?