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A client is having a lot of problems with a remotely hosted file using VPN and Comcast. Plus the host is not a Filemaker Friendly host but one of those server farms designed for email and web pages.


12 user Filemaper Pro 12 v4 and FMPSA 12 v2


Problems include stalls, freezes, lost records and clients not being able to see the database.


There is a network copy of Viper anti-virus running. I suspect this is part of the problem with not being able to enter a record.


VPN and encryption create slowness and we have run a copy on another network using just SSL. Noticeably faster and smoother but just one user was online.


Comcast in my mind is a big issue since we know how it often stalls during video and its outages might only be a nuisance for browsing but a nightmare for a database.


The database is a bit of a newbie nightmare and shows the traits of design under pressure and unfinished areas plus outright questionable design. Doing a show all of 30,000 records of 714 fields and 30-40 connected TOs is a bit of a problem.


OK, my real question is: How will using a large scale host not designed for Filemaker Server affect FMSA performance? Will a rack mounted server not set up to maximize Filemaker performance nesteled among a thousand other rack mounted servers perform well?


My second question is will switch from VPN and encryption to SSL via FMSA boost the speed and/or eliminate many of the stalls and pauses?


Are performance jitters charactistics of using Comcast Business networking or any other cable provider?


I think the client switched from T1 to Comcast Business to save money...


Answers and comments appreciated.