CSV files with no field name info

Discussion created by DDoughtie on Aug 12, 2013
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I've run into a situation where I'm being provided a CSV file from a DB2 source to be used an an import source. The file is just record data and contains no field name info. When I convert the file directly from CSV to FMP I never get a prompt asking if I want to import the first record or not. When I try to import and create a new table on the fly the "import first record" dialog on the import mapping prompt is grayed out and the "do not import first record" is checked. The first record, which is plain data, is used to create the fields. This is a bit of a problem as I will never be able to import the first record of the file.


Is FMP assuming that CSV files will always have field names in the first record?

Is the standard for CSV to always have field names as the first record and this old legacy system doesn't know it?

Is there a way to force open the "don't import first record" dialog box?

Has anyone else run into this?


I'm using FMP12 on Mac OS 10.75.



Dan Doughtie

Augusta, GA