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Setting up access to FM Server

Question asked by MartinBridges on Aug 13, 2013
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We have a database residing on an hosted remote server. I (the in-house developer) access it via a copy of FileMaker on my PC or Mac Mini via a web connection. It runs a second slower than when it's hosted on my machine but performs as I would expect on a remote server and doesn't crash.

In the office, they run their own Windows server. On their server they have a copy of FileMaker Pro (not advanced or server). That then accesses the hosted FM database. Users just have a terminal connection to this server and users access this copy of FileMaker Pro. This is how the local Mac Dealer set it up for them. Is this the right way to have done it? They are not getting any issues re licensing.

What they are experiencing is a much slower experience than me and often (doing the same things) get a message appearing 'sorting records'. This can hang for anything up to 5-6 seconds and then on occasion FM just quits with no message. This can happen 4 times in 40 mins. I'm not experiencing the same issues sitting 10ft away. The only difference being that I'm not accessing it via their terminal server.

Any comments would be appreciated.