NextGen EHR Integration with FIleMaker

Discussion created by covita on Aug 14, 2013
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I am looking for someone who has integrated the NextGEn and FileMaker in order to have backup, and real-life examples for my company's IT folks.


I am an inhouse developer working for a nonprofit medical servics provider. I work in the grants area, not the clinic area. The patient data is input and stored with a product called NextGen. For 15 years nobody has had the skills or tools to get the data back out for analysis. Times have changed and the need to analyse the patient data has emerged. This summer IT began seeking front end solutions to provide dashboard ineraction with data for management and analysis of client health trends. I have given IT all the technical papers about FIleMaker -- but I am not viewed as a my suggestions are falling on dismissive ears.


If anyone out there is using FIleMaker as the front end for NExtGen, please let me know. Thak You.