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File Access Security accross mulitple servers

Question asked by kiwikaty on Aug 13, 2013
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Hi there


I have had an issue with scripts not running on my robot machine -> when the script in question is calling subscripts within files that reside on a different fm server from the file that the script is being called from. The robot machine is just a client that obviously can see both servers on the network.


The solution so far is to either turn off the FM File Access Security restriction on the files hosted on the sever I dedicate to web publishing OR remeber to go through the process of remembering to "authorize" the files hosted on the secondary server every time the solution is opened.


At first I thought the issue was that the authorization was not "sticking" because I knew I had "authorized" the file access on multiple occasions and I was still getting the error, on checking you can see that the file in question has been "authorized" in the list of allowed files so it was not that it was not actually doing the authorization as such. Then I worked out my issue was just to do with the files hosted on the secondary server.


I appreciate we have a bit of a complicated environment but has anyone else seen this and found a way of fixing this without having to turn off the File Access security or re-authorizing each login?


Kind regards