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Can't Import File - 329 Fields, 4,078,571 records

Question asked by user17418 on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by Malcolm

I have tried importing a CSV file into FileMaker. However, each time the import quits at record number 530944. There are 4,078,571 records in the file.

FileMaker doesn't crash, it just stops at this record consistantly. I have tried with v12 Advanced on Windows and on the Mac, they both stop at the same record.


I have tried only importing 1 field, still stops at the same record.

I have removed the last imported record with no success. FileMaker just stops at the 530943rd record in the CSV file.


I end up with a 255.5MB FileMaker file.


What things should I look for to get past this one record? Is there a certain encoding I should go with on the CSV?