Related records goof, linking existing records

Discussion created by dnfmptn on Aug 15, 2013
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Hi all;


Database novice here, please don't flame me. I searched forums for these terms and didn't find relevant results.


I have a database with a handful of tables for tracking contacts in a business context. Person and Company are two of the tables. It turns out in this industry people often work for multiple companies which I didn't realize setting up the db.


So I deleted the companyID-personID relationship and set up a join table so multiple people can be from multiple companies.


And then all the company relations to persons were gone.


Experienced users probably saw that coming!


Anyway, now I have a company portal on the person layout and if I enter a company name it creates a new company record.


What I need to do and can't figure out is

1) how to link existing or new person records to their existing company records, or

2) how to recover the earlier relationships.