Best way to show multiple company records for a person

Discussion created by dnfmptn on Aug 17, 2013
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Thanks to Mike_Mitchell for helping with my initial discussion post, but I've struggled with his reply due to my own lack of education in FMP12. So I thought to reframe the problem I'm trying to solve and for that, a new title for the discussion is in order.


The DB is for tracking people we meet in business, adding their contact and company information, also tracking contacts with them, ie phone calls, meetings at trade shows, etc so we can properly follow up with a knowledge of the history. CRM is the grander topic but this is a simple variation.


Anyway I set up the DB without knowing how to show multiple companies for one person. Solution: join table.


I properly set up the join table but lost the connections of about 75 records between person and company. Mike's reply seems to point me to using a portal to the join table, not the company table as I have set up now.


So here's what I am trying to achieve, if it helps:

A tabbed interface, primarily with Person details, but also listing the person's company(ies) and a few company details as well as a portal to contacts with the person;

A second tab would include expanded details about any given company

During data entry, I'd like to type in the person's details, then in the first Company Name field, enter the name of the first company the person is involved with, and have the rest of the Company data fields fill in automatically when the Company is identified.


At the moment, when I enter any data in the Company portal, it creates a new Company record instead of looking at existing records.


So... I know what I want to do but not what to call it or how to relate the tables and layouts properly. Anyone? keywords to search for would help, and solutions like Mike provided are also welcome.