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    Server 12 - loosing serverscripts after creation


      FileMaker Server 12.0v4

      Mac OS X 10.8 fully updated.

      Server belonging to a customer of ours, very experienced with FileMaker Server, actually hosting a number of FMS 11 and 12 servers.


      New installed FileMaker Server on Clean Mac OS X.


      Solution converted from FileMaker fp7 to 12.


      When creating scripts, most of the times the scripts disappear from the list.

      Most of the time at once. At one occation the Sys Adm believe that a script actually occurred in the list and even executed as expected. But then the server was restarted and the script was gone from the list.


      Question: Did anyone ever experience this?

      Was it with FileMaker Server 12?


      Could it be due to privileges not permitting the storage of the script?


      Anyone having a clue?


      Lots of greetings



      Ps. I will get access via TeamViewer to the server later today. But I hope that someone here has something to say.

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          Suplementary question: Where does FileMaker Server store it's schedules?

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            In an encrypted file somewhere in the FMS folder structure.  Can't recall exactly where.

            When you do an "fmsadmin restart adminserver" and then launch the admin console: do the schedules show up?  What if you export the FMS settings (that includes the schedules) can you see them in the exported file?

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              Yes, I have seen this exact same thing before on another developer's installation. We worked on this issue for some time before deciding to reinstall all software components. In their case, we had the added "benefit" of having FMS crash when backups were run.


              What we did was: export the scripts, backup all FMP files (of course), reinstall the OS, run all OS updates, then reinstall FMS, update FMS, then everything worked as expected. This had worked for them for a couple of months, and then...


              ... While typing this I spoke with the other developer, and this past Friday they had their motherboad replaced. As it turns out, this may have been a lurking issue for some time, so the above info may or may not help you.

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