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Change padding, margin, white space in a control on a layout

Question asked by sechrisman on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by mikebeargie

I would like to change the padding area for controls on a FM GO layout. This is especially important for controls that show a limited number of letters (white space takes up as much space as the letters). See the attached for current and desired formatting. I currently am using conditional formatting for the "N/A" contols so that if there are 3 characters, then the font size changes to a smaller size. This is an "ok" work-around, but 1) size ends up smaller (2nd "N/A" smaller than the "X" in 3rd control --ok, but not the best option) and 2) when user is in "edit mode", the control temporarily reverts back to the larger font and the "A" wraps around. Again ok, but not the cleanest design.


Anyone know how to change/reduce the white padding? Seems it might need to be done in a hack in CSS files.