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pulsing black outline!

Question asked by user19036 on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by marthazink

Ok, this is an odd one. To me, anyway!


When I open my simple layout, that has a simple script trigger attached to it, I get a Pulsing Black outline of my file (FIle is on FM server). The pulsing won't stop, and eventually I have to force quit FM.


Details -

FMPro Advanced 12. File on Datatrium FM server

Layout is as simple as it gets, a list of transactions, with 6 fields, all from the same table.

Script Trigger is also simple:

1) Open new window and give it a name

2) Go to Layout (that same layout.)

3) Find records with nothing in the Date Confirmed field (The layout is called Pending Transactions)

4) Sort according to TimeStamp that is auto entered when the transaction record is created.


That's it!


If I delete the Sort step from the script, it doesn't do the pulsing/locking up, but it doesn't perform the find either, even thought the find is still there in the script(!)


I ended up deleting the New Window step, and the Go To Layout step, and the Sort step, leaving only the Find step - it works fine when I go to the layout. I will leave it like that for now, but I'm just curious what the issue is. (The reason this solution is not perfect is that it doesn't open in another window, and doesn't sort)