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Sitting here at 4:30 in the morning working on some charting, my brain remembered ONE thing from DevCon2013 that transforms the way I do things.

What is the ONE (or TWO or THREE) thing(s) that you picked up from DevCon 2013 if you went? What one little trick, technique did you learn? It might be something that thousands of other developers already know, but it suddenly resonated with you, then DevCon was worth it!


For me, it was a throwaway comment, I think, in Greg Lane's Advanced Reporting techniques class. He showed a graph that had been created using variables. The Variables were declared in one part of the charting dialog box and used throughout the rest of the dialog box. If I got it right (and I'm experimenting to be sure), once I declare a variable within the chart, it is 'active' throughout that entire chart. In one of my Y-axis data series Series Names, I declared variables that were all the subjects to be shown, one data series each. In the rest of the Series Name fiels, I simply typed in the Variable, and presto! the titles read the value of the variable, not the the $S4 as text!! Whoo hoo!. AND I used that same variable in that series' Data calculation.


In the session, a participant asked about that; I wasn't keen enough to understand what I saw in the demo, but someone else caught it and I'm glad they did!!