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Evolis Pebble 4 Card Printer Issue

Question asked by photowyzard on Aug 20, 2013

Hi Everyone,


We use an Evolis Pebble 4 Card Printer with a Filemaker 12 db to print ID cards.


After we upgraded to 12, the jpgs (and other formats) have an issue with printing. Namely, it applies blue splotches of ink on the images where there would appear to be a hot spot.


For example, if you use a flash on a portrait, if the forehead of a person has just a slight shine to it, it prints a blue splotch on the hot spot.


The Historgrams on the images are fine.


FMP11 was no issue.


We have tried changing printers, changing printer drivers (with the printer change.... POLAROID 3500S), we have tried different file formats for the images, we have even written simple test db with just a container to see if the original database corrupted. We have even gone thru the image database and bulk batch processed them again, just to make sure it wasn't the images.


Pretty much at wits end. 250 ID cards have to be printed this week, have to resolve this!


Has anyone else experienced this and is there a FIX?


Thanks in advance!