How to include a Calculation field from one portal and calculate into another Portal

Discussion created by slantiegne on Aug 20, 2013
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Hi All,


I am having a problem calculating a total of one portal and populating the result within another portal. Is this possible?


Image below is very hard to see, but essentually if the selected Serial Number (on left highlighted in blue) passes, than the white field is populated with a zero (a sumation of all the failed feilds highlighted in red within the portal on the right (as you can see there is none)). But if you can see, it populates all the fields on the left for each serial number with a zero. How am I able to fix this so each portal row depicts the value assosicated with the portal on the right?

New Picture (1).jpg

Image below depicts the selected serial number (on the left) and shows a "1" populated which is a sumation of all the failed fields from the right portal (you can see that one failed). But the portal on the left is populating a "1" for all the serial numbers. Is there a way around this?

New Picture.jpg

Thank you all for helping,