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Discussion created by TimAnderson on Aug 21, 2013
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This is a very odd problem and appears to be down to the computer rather than server or network, but I am at a loss as to where to look.


FileMaker Pro 12.0v4, OSX 10.6.8. FMS 12.0v4, OSX 10.7.?


The scenario, an asset management solution for the marketting dept of a v large financial corporate. Assetts are added by selecting a folder, all contained assets are processed - thumbnails created and any EXIF data extracted. The primary searc is by selecting the parent folder.


Performing a search returns a list view of the images with thumbnails, tags and usage data.


This is very fast on some computers, but tediously slow on others. For example, on 1 MacBook Pro a search returning 58 images with be displayed almost instantaneously, but the same search on a PowerMac (on the same switch, same OS, more RAM, FM cache same) will take minutes. The delay appears to be rendering the thumbnails.


I we swap the network cables the MacBook Pro performs as before, and the PowerMac works as fast as the MBP. After about 30 mins the MBP is still fast, but the performance of the PowerMac degrades drastically. Swap the cables back and the MBP is still fast, and the PowerMac is very slow.


Watching the server statistics indicates that the server has completed the requests from the diierent computers in about the same time and is doing nothing further for the PowerMac.


The server is caching the thumnails permanently.


We appear to have eliminated FMS, network and RAM issues, the most likely cause seems to be some odd hidden network config files on the PowerMac, the MBP had a clean OS install, the PowerMac has been upgraded sionce 2009. This slow behaviour is shown on a number of other computers in the department, and some run perfectly fast.


One issue is that I am not allowed to connect my laptop to their network, and wiping a Mac and starting with a clean install is nearly as difficult to get cleared.


Can anyone suggest somewhere I can look for the issue?