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    Hype this Database HTML5


      I see that there is a new version of Hype, the HTML5 animation generator.




      The output works fine in web viewers; and you can create clickable links that could point to FileMaker using various technology.


      Seems like yet another interesting possible variation on the HTML5 techniques demonstrated at Devcon.

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          Hi Bruce


          I have just started using Hype with a view to embedding (locally for offline) in FileMaker as you mention. I just did a quick forum search and found your old post.


          Are you using Hype with filemaker and do you know if it can work with all the hype resources stored within FM. I assume it can, but I am struggling!





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            it would be interesting to see who else is using this (up to version 3.5 now) and what integration with FM is being used. perhaps this 'bump' of the post will get more responses?