Zagg Keyboard not compatible w FMGO +  iPad Mini

Discussion created by BruceRobertson on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by BruceRobertson

I thought I would try out a Zagg keyboard designed for the iPad Mini.


I am finding that it is not compatible with FileMaker Go.


The way the iPad is retained by the Zagg devices is that it slides into a groove that holds the lower edge of the iPad.


The iPad has very little margin around the edge of the screen, and FileMaker puts several controls on the bottom edge of the screen. The controls include the record slider; the layou selector bottom left; and the sort and add/delete buttons bottom right. They are basically not accessible when using the Zagg.


Also keyboard function does not always seem to work. When a popup value list selector appears, you can't control it from the Zagg keyboard.