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    Corrupted or Not?


      Hi there, I have a customer layout in my solution. there is a button to create a new customer. All was working fine, then just recently, wWhen clicked it inserts a random address, city and state. These are not calculated fields. Just started. Is it possible the file is infected. I scanned it and nothing. Never seen this.



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          Hello, Dave.


          Corruption wouldn't be the first thing I'd look for in this case. More likely, you have an auto-enter calculation, a lookup, or a crossup in your script someplace that's inserting the information from a related record. Check there first.



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            Dave -


            I agree with Mike. 


            While it ultimately may be some form of corruption I would not jump to that conclusion based on the description you provided.  I'd explore other avenues for sure first and save file corruption as a last resort.


            To piggyback on Mike's suggestions - I'd turn on the Script Debugger and walk through the script attached to the button and make sure it is doing what you think it should be doing.  That would be a good first step in tracking down the behavior you are seeing.


            Steve Romig

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              FileMaker Pro Advanced required for ScriptDebugger, of course. No developer (in-house or in-dependent) should be without it.


              Saves my bacon many a time.


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                Please provide more detail  e.g. is address a lookup ?  or a fixed "set field" step ?


                if it's a Related value,  and your Field Index is scrambled,  it might "find" the wrong result



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                  Wow! thanks for the answers guys/gals.  I did figure it out.  At the beginning of setting up the solution, i had imported some dummy data into an address table.  Forgetting to delete the data, it appears that when entering a new record the matching id in the address table was carried over.  I deleted the data and all is good.