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    ESS and SQLite


      Can anyone comment on why there's no MySQL equivalent (or similar) ESS/SQLite ability. Is it a technical issue? Or is it a strategic/administrative issue?


      I can only imagine how much more productive, inventive and expansive the developer community could be with this capability. I know it would pave the way for me to grow my business by orders of magnitude.

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          FileMaker can be a SQL data source.  There were a number of sessions on SQL at Devcon this year.  Take a look at Seed Code's SQL Explorer,  http://www.seedcode.com/downloads/.  This is a very helpful tool.


          There are a number of plugins that will give you more functionality with SQL.. I don't have an exhustive list, but Monkey Bread Software is one.


          Take a look at Kevin Frank's blog,  http://www.filemakerhacks.com/  There is lot of good stuff on SQL and other topics.



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            One thing I want to be able to do is update SQLite databases on a remote server using Filemaker PRO Client.

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              I'm not sure what your need is, but one thing you should keep in mind is that ESS was never intended to set FileMaker up as a "front end" for interaction with a SQL database. That's been publicly stated by FileMaker on several occasions. It was intended to allow FileMaker to participate as a "mashup" or to allow integration of SQL sources into a FileMaker solution.


              Don't know if that helps, but it's something to keep in mind.



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                I understand the intention (or lack thereof), however, I read a comment that the new VP of Americas Sales (Brad Frietag) quote "comes to Filemaker unencumbered by tradition."


                So I'm feeling obliged, in as many venues to which he may have access, to let him know what some (many?) of us multi-decade Filemaker users want to help us grow our mutual businesses.

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                  If you want a new feature added, then put it in as a feature request (http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html). You're unlikely to get an answer as to "why" a particular feature is there (or not) by posting in this forum. FMI representatives do, however, monitor the forum and they do pay particular attention to feature requests. (That's how we got ESS in the first place.)



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                    Though using Filemaker as an ESS front end is officially not its intended purpose, my impression from talking to people at Devcon is that it is used precisely that way in very non trivial applications.

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                      I don't think anyone besides programmers at FMI know if SQLite is going to become an ESS supported data source. I'm 100% with you on thinking SQLite should be supported, especially since it is so prevalent.


                      We use FMP as a both a front end to several tables and a "mash up" to mySQL for some heavily used screens without any problems whatsoever. FMS and mySQL are in the same office, access is fast and transparent. If FMI says ESS is not intended as a front end, then I believe that's because there are some cautions that go with its use, including some speed issues when the two servers are more than a few hops away. Of course the SQL tables are used for other purposes, in particular Drupal/Web access, but still FM is the way my client maintains the data.