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Multiple record update through a portal or is there a better way?

Question asked by on Aug 22, 2013
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Hi. I am fairly new to FMPRO and would appreciate any help I can get. I am building a patient database to track multiple fields. For security reasons and to avoid manual entry of data I am importing just a patient account number into my database. Name, Medical record number, Date of Birth and other information reside on the ODBC database and are linked to (so that if someone were to copy the database, all they would get is the account number). Once the accounts are imported, I select 30-40 patients to follow out of 140,000 patients. I would like to be able to design a portal or a method such that a search result (the 30-40 patients I am following) can be listed on a tab and instead of jumping around between tabs and from patient to patient to update the records, I would use the portal to update the records of multiple patients at the same time. When I made the portal only the current patient shows up. How do I make the records on the current search results to auto-populate in my portal rows? A few screen shots are included. It may be helpful to mention as well that I can and would like to use the same method to print a work list/report. Any and all help will be much appreciated. Sam