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How to Refresh .fp7 ODBC Settings after Move between FM 11 Servers

Question asked by user12837 on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

I have two instances of FM 11 Server Advanced (Test and Prod) and one instance of SQL Server 2008 with two databases, DB_Prod and DB_Test.


The ODBC datasources on the Test FM server point to the DB_Test database on the SQL Server.


The ODBC datasources on the Prod FM server point to the DB_Prod database on the SQL Server.


This works fine until I decide to move the test version of Whatever.fp7 to production. When I copy Whatever.fp7 file from the Test FM server to the Prod FM server, I would expect Whatever.fp7 to use the ODBC definitions on the Prod FM server, and connect to the DB_Prod SQL database. But it doesn't. It continues to link to DB_Test. Somehow FileMaker has internalized the settings of the Test FM server -- and I can't figure out a systematic way to make it refresh those settings. I jiggle this and jiggle that, and eventually the problem is solved, but I can't figure out what fixed it.


Has anyone found an elegant, systematic way to do this?