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    Server setup


      I have devolved a solution (Filemaker 12 Advanced) for our department which will need seating for 5 of more people. Our IT department were given the documents for Filemaker Server and Best Practices. The computer came back to us and we received these specs. HP Z220 with i7 processor, 8GB ram, Windows 7, and a disk raid of 0+1. The system drive and data drives are all sata iii 6GGS drives at 7200 rpm drives. The system drive is a 500GB and the raid 0+1 are matched 1TB each mirrored.


      My question is whether to install the Server software to the system drive and serve the solution on the TB raid or to install all on the TB raid. I need the pro's and con's of which way I should go. IT said not to change the computyer configuration? Thanks for your help. JM

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          Are you using FileMaker Server or planning to use FileMaker Pro's peer-to-peer hosting?  If this is the real FileMaker Server then I would suggest not going with Windows 7 but ask for Windows 2008R2


          In general: put the data files and backups on the RAID volume.  FMS itself can be on the system drive.

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            Thanks for your reply. We are to use Filemaker 12 Server or Advanced. Not sure which one as of yet. Hoping to get some good feed back to aid us in the proper direction to go. I was understanding that Windows 7 Professional 64 bit would be fine. JM

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              Windows 7 is not recommended for production use, mainly supported for development deployments.  I would start off with a proper server OS.


              Your projected load is fairly light so that's not too bad, but keep it in mind as your deployment grows more complex / busier.

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                In a planning section today we have cut the number of users to 3. With budget so near the end of the year upgrading the operating system will problem not happen due to money constants. Will it be a major issue to up grading at a later date. The work load should not be heavy for a while. New record loading per month should not be more than 200-250 records per month. The program was written to handle the inmate booking system for a 110 bed jail which stays full most of the time.


                With the configuration listed in the original post, I still not sure if I should load the Filemaker Server 12 software on the system drive or the raid drive.


                If anyone has a similar configuration please help with the pro's and con's, Thanks JM

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                  I answered the question about where to install things in my earlier post: install FMS on the non RAID but keep the live files and all backups on the RAID system.


                  Best practices are rules-of-thumb and encapsulate a lot of lessons-learned from other deployments.  Thay are not dogma's, it is OK to deviate from them as long as:

                  - the reasoning behind the best practice is understood

                  - the reasons for deviating from the best practice are discussed and documented.  This is important because it will save a lot of potential finger-pointing when another developer / IT person evaluates the current deployment

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                    I suggest you download the Server Configuration Guide from FileMaker and study it.