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Question asked by JimmyMadison on Aug 23, 2013
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I have devolved a solution (Filemaker 12 Advanced) for our department which will need seating for 5 of more people. Our IT department were given the documents for Filemaker Server and Best Practices. The computer came back to us and we received these specs. HP Z220 with i7 processor, 8GB ram, Windows 7, and a disk raid of 0+1. The system drive and data drives are all sata iii 6GGS drives at 7200 rpm drives. The system drive is a 500GB and the raid 0+1 are matched 1TB each mirrored.


My question is whether to install the Server software to the system drive and serve the solution on the TB raid or to install all on the TB raid. I need the pro's and con's of which way I should go. IT said not to change the computyer configuration? Thanks for your help. JM