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Discussion created by drew on Aug 25, 2013
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I am a solo healthcare provider and am interested in developing a solution for my practice to help in managing patients. I am new to FMP (despite having joined this community many, many months ago, I have not started developing a solution until now) and have (4) questions:


1. Contact table(s) – In my practice there are three types of contacts that form the type of relationships in my practice: (a) patients; (b) healthcare providers, and; (c) other contacts (e.g., insurance agent, printer, landlord, etc.). Would it be wiser to have three contact tables, or one contact table with a field for 'contact type' to differentiate the various types of contacts? What would the pro/con of either method be? What is the advantages/disadvantages of having one contact table vs. three?


2. Healthcare Measures – In my practice, I have patients fill out various paper/pencil healthcare measures (e.g., pain, sleep, mood, etc.). Eventually, I would like to substitute paper-based measures with something on an iPad or even through a secure web portal. I want to track this data and graph it as well. Currently I use a spreadsheet. Would it be better to have one table of all the healthcare measures (and then simply pull which data fields I need in a given view), or one table per healthcare measure?


3. Right now, my healthcare practice is myself. I do everything. I may in the future however, add an administrative assistant—or even another healthcare provider (that is less likely over the next year than it is to have the admin support person however). The admin person has no need to see patient information, etc. I realize I can control that via permissions. However, would it be easier in the long-run (assuming I were to grow my practice into a multi-provider/many employee practice), as well as for building something relatively quickly, to have a single file solution versus using a separation model? Is it possible within a single file system to have say, the admin person log in and see a different view in a single file system than what I would see as the owner/provider? I am aware in the separation model that would be doable.


My goal is flexibility to develop the database quickly and easily (maybe an oxymoron) if I should take my practice in a different direction, yet have something very usable and up and running right now for myself.


4. Finally, I purchased FMP 12: The Missing Manual. I am considering also purchasing the FM Training Series, but was wondering if The Missing Manual basically covers everything the Training Series would and therefore would add little value.


In advance, many thanks for the help!