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    Options for EMR scheduling and office management modules


      Trying to come up with a FMP based EMR for an occupational medical practice, and need several modules that aren't part of most EMR's (surveillance, hearing, spirometry, drug testing, etc.) . Biggest barriers so far are setting up scheduling and the office management needs (billing, accounting, etc.). Question is whether to pursue doing this in FMP, as I have seen other programs that have accomplished this, or use other programs, e.g., Quickbooks, that can be tied into the solution. My development skills are probably intermediate. Any suggestions or directions to resources that can help in these two areas are appreciated. Thanks

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          I was able to integrate almost everything, including my CBC and UA machines via RS232 using Troi's serial plugin. Billing and all is integrated. I don't keep the practice books on it, I just manage patient books. I have a full schedule capability, prescription, growth charts, etc.


          You can take a look at http://www.papercutpro.com for more ideas for your development.




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