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Thinking outside the box (aka Go12 on the iPad)

Question asked by mark.stuller on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by mark.stuller

I know that FMDevs are good at thinking of inventive, clever solutions. I'm hoping some of you might have one (or more!) for this problem - I'm tapped out!


I have a Go app for Inspections that needs to generate output at the end of the Inspection. An email, a pdf or actual printed page for the Person/Company being Inspected. Sometimes it's a single 'page', sometimes several. They might have no 'Violations' so no page for those. Sometimes an Enforcement is issued so an additional page(s) for that. Sometimes - depending on the specifics - they get an additional page showing they are 'Certified'. etc. You get the idea, it varies a lot.


So as you can imagine, much of this data is stored in records in different tables within the solution. Violations in one, Enforcements in another, Cerifications in another etc.


One output being requested is *a* pdf so that the business being Inspected can have that emailed to them. As you know a single pdf with variable #s of records from disparate tables/contexts can be ummm 'challenging'. Since 'append to pdf' isn't supported on iOS I had to come up with a different solution. So what I initially did was build a (potentially really long) html 'page' that gathered all the needed data and presented it in a long flowing format. Text, tables, yadda, yadda. Lot's of stuff.


It presented well on the screen (in a webviewer) but output to a pdf sucks. Something about Save as pdf on iOS/FMGo12 when the layout contains a webviewer -- it's just not workable. Today I'm creating multiple emails with each having a pdf attached for every 'Context' that needs to be covered. The business units are pressing me for a more 'elegant' solution.


So has anyone dealt with similar challenges? have alternete techniques to try? What ideas about what to try even if you haven't solved this type of problem yourself might prove helpful!


Thanks! Mark