Synchronization with external web applications?

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I read trough the introductory material in "Filemaker_ Introduction to External SQL Sources" on ESS and also read which ODBC data sources/drivers that are supported with External SQL Data Sources. As the databases I want to access are not among these I need alternative approaches for my objective which is to synchronize an existing Filemaker system with a web shop system with the Filemaker as a client, perhaps three to ten times a day. Only a subset of fields and tables will need to be be changed by the synchronization process and there will most likelt be a need to "map" data during the process. I prefer to do the mapping in my web application as I want to change as little as possible in the FM DB .


I was first thinking to make some kind of API available on the web application server as I need to abstract the inner database structure on the server anyway (via a facade). However, I'm not familiar what kind of external interfaces Filemaker can talk to as a client?

I was thinking a web service of some sorts. The ideal would probably be to just make a restful interface on the web server that Filemaker can connect to over an SSL connection with some kind of log in credentials. How can Filemaker connect as a client to such a web service from a locally run instance? Are there specific needs that Filemaker need to have in place in order to pull such a thing off? Other advice what kind of solutions
to research that can be applied to a case like this?


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