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    Linked Filemaker to Microsoft SQL Server


      I'm trying to create in Microsoft SQL linked server.
      I installed 32 and 64 bit version of Filemaker ODBC.
      in providers list Filemaker missing.I read that FileMaker should be compatible with the Microsoft OLE Provider for ODBC Drivers.
      Do not know what to fill in the following fields?
      - Data Source
      - Provider string

      - Location

      - Catalog

      Thank you

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          Have you read through Chapter 3 of the ODBC/JDBC guide?



          Most Filemaker ODBC/ESS is done via system DSN configurations, not OLE configs.


          I've never heard of anyone trying to install filemaker as a linked server. You mentioned you read it was possible somewhere. Where was that?

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            I'm with Mike. Usually FMP is not the source for SQL Server. But SQL Server is the source for FMP. ESS, Import (for SELECT) & Execute SQL (for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) and ExecuteSQL ( function SELECT only) all use SQL as the source.


            Perhaps IT is loathe to release ability to have SQL as the source.


            I'm also curious as to how (what method) is SQL getting & setting FMP as source.


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            Beverly Voth


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              Hmm, I haven't played with that feature in SQL Server.  Oracle has a feature called Homogeneous Data access that works similarly, but it is limited to MS SQL Server I believe.


              If the feature is reliant simply on an ODBC driver, then Filemaker's ODBC driver should in theory work.  But I would consult the SQL Server docs to be sure that is the case.   I'd love to be able to access Filemaker via ODBC in Oracle PL/SQL, but PL/SQL does not support it.  I believe there is a way to use Java and the JDBC drivers, but alas, I'm not much into Java.    That may be an option with the MS SQL Server integration as well.  I'll see what I can find out.



              Lee Snover

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                - Data Source

                The name defined in ODBC Manager System datasource
                - Provider string


                - Location

                keep empty

                - Catalog

                keep empty


                I don't know well about linked server , but the setting make FM tables  to be visible.