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    Theme limitation - moving objects


      After initial enthusiasm for FM12's themes, I think I might be falling out of love a bit...


      When switching between List layouts and Forms using "home-made" layouts, I've always shifted layout objects to compensate for the "current rec" indicator appearing/disappearing. But it seems that, when using a theme, I can't make that adjustment. I'm using "River", and basically want to move the dark blue and beige background boxes, but can't. Or have I missed something?



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          I think you can still do it, but perhaps not in as precise of a manner as we would like.

          Any of the themes that have a main "background box" are done with an image fill on the layout part, which is sliced for the different parts - left, middle, right, etc. Select the layout part (left side bar in layout mode), then look at your appearance inspector. You can move the slice lines a bit, which should allow you to move the left side to account for the record indicator. It's a bit finicky, and I don't see a way to enter it numerically (3 pixels) - you just have to slide the line over.


          I did a little testing and it seems to work, but you have to move each part - header, body, footer. I had some weird stuff happening on the left side with the alternating fill color in list view… so maybe turn that off.


          Hope that helps!


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            One can hope that the indicator problem will be fixed in the next version of FM.

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              Thanks both, for these suggestions.  Shawn - although your suggestion has led to me learning much more about slicing etc. (and thanks for that), I think it will be too fiddly to be practicable on the number of layouts that I have.  So I'm going to go with Josh's optimism, and keep my fingers crossed that FM fix the annoyance!


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                Yes, it is "too fiddly" - I agree. I was glad when it was pointed out to me, to know that it is there… it's nice to know how it is working its magic a bit under the hood, but I do wish we had more granular control over theme stuff, and numeric control of image slices.


                Another option I have seen is to add a 3px graphic element along the left side of your FORM view layouts, mimicking the indicator bar of list view, and move all of your form view items to the right 3 pixels, rather than moving your list view items to the left 3 pixels.


                I wasn't at DevCon, so I don't know what the crystal ball holds… but the list view indicator issue has been around for some time. I guess I'm not holding my breath that it will be resolved in FM13. If they do, I hope they do it in a way that won't mess up all of our layouts if we have been moving things 3 pixels.




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                  Never mind… I shouldn't post so early.

                  That method won't move the theme background slice stuff… still have to fiddle with that. Sorry!

                  I need to get some coffee!!!