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Barcode Scanner/Keystroke Script Trigger Issue

Question asked by bsternberg on Aug 27, 2013
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In late 2009 I replaced our expensive POS system with a FileMaker solution which I designed. I emulated some of the navigation features of the POS software in my solution using OnLayoutKeystroke script triggers. For example in list views I used the up and down arrow keys to navigate and then the Enter or Return key was used to change to a detail layout for the active item in the list. When in detail view, I used the Esc key to return to the list if no changes were made.


When I upgraded to FileMaker 12, we started having problems with our barcode readers which are used for counter sales. After investigation, I found out that there was an issue using barcode readers and keystroke script triggers. Usually only 1 or 2 characters get entered into the active field. I removed the keystroke script triggers from the the sales order layout to remedy the situation.


Here is my problem. I have several other layouts which would benefit from using barcode scanners. Also (and this is a very unique situation), I am a quadriplegic and use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to interact with FileMaker. Unfortunately, DNS and barcode scanners share the same issue with keystroke script triggers. I see only 3 solutions:


1. Modify approximately 40 layouts to remove keystroke script triggers. This would involve many, many hours of work and also require retraining my staff.


2. Replace our Windows machines with Macs. The Macintosh version of FileMaker does not have this bug. Unfortunately, this solution would be way too expensive.


3. The easiest and most sensible solution – receive an update from FileMaker Inc. which removes this bug. I am sure they are aware of it and I fully expected to see it fixed by now.


I realize that there is no easy fix, but is there any way I can find out if there are plans to fix this issue in an upcoming update? At the very least, I hope they fix this in FileMaker 13!