New Filtered Portal refresh method?

Discussion created by darrenburgess on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by jormond

I THINK I have happened on a new way to refresh a filtered portal. I had a script that created a related record and the customer reported that the related record was not showing in the portal. The method for creating the related record was to set the foreign key across the relationship.


This is the portal filter:

People_EVENTS::description ≠ "HAS NO NEXT ACTION"


This is what DIDNT work:


This worked:

  • Add an additional calc to the filter: People_EVENTS::description ≠ "HAS NO NEXT ACTION" and 1=1
  • Commit the parent record after creation of the related record



  • What could cause failure of the typical methods for portal refresh
  • Why does this "new" method work?