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    Can see Host, can't see hosted files


      Hi all,


      I just recently set up a Mac mini to be my development FMS server. I want to connect to the Mac mini from my MacBook Pro directly through firewire. The mini has Mtn Lion. My MBP has Lion. I have installed FMSA12 on the mini. I have FMPA12.v04 on the MBP. The Admin Console will launch just fine when opened directly on the mini. However, I am unable to bring up the Admin Console from my MBP. Using Open Remote on my MBP I am able to see the mini under Local Hosts just fine, but the files don't show upon selecting the host. Under Favorites I am able to see other hosts just fine so I was ruling out that it could be the server.pem file. I did check the Firewall on the mini and when it was ON i checked the open ports and 5003, 16000, and 16001 were in the list of Open Ports. Currently I have simply turned the Firewall OFF in an effort to rule things out. I'm feeling stumped. What else could it be?


      Thanks for any help on this!




      Neal Alan Frank

      AlaMark Technologies

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          Out of curiousity, does it work OK via ethernet or wifi? Since firewire is an unusual configuration, I would make sure it works the "normal" way, just to make sure.




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            When you click on the server name, can you then connect by adding the name of a hosted file after the Network File Path that was started for you?

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              Have you set Firewall options on the Mini to allow all FM traffic?

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                Did you leave the sample file hosted (to rule out your solution being misconfigured)?


                Did you check the box that says "Allow user to view all files" or "Only files user has access to"?


                Is your router routing traffic from 5003 and 16000 to the local IP of your server via NAT / port forwarding?



                That last one is my suspicion. I have no idea how firewire networking works in the mac world, you should be connecting to it over your network, not plugged in to the computer directly.

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                  Hey everyone. Thanks so much for replying. I got it to work by abandoning Firewire and using Ethernet. While I'm pleased that it is connecting, I am severely disappointed at the performance; keep in mind that I have a direct connection from my MacBook Pro to my Mac mini via a 6 foot ethernet cable. I use Screen Sharing to see my mini's desktop and that works, however, when I launch the Admin Console on the mini the screen redraw is terrible. I have to grab the window and wiggle it around the desktop to see what's changed. I've got nothing else running on the mini accept the launching of the Admin Console. The mini's sole purpose is to be my local development FMS. I've not been able to figure out what could cause such aweful redraw when the connection couldn't be closer; I mean, I'm not viewing the desktop of a mac mini with thousands of miles of cable between.


                  Thanks everyone for your thoughts. FileMaker Community rocks!



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                    Hi Neal,


                    I don't use screen sharing to see the Admin Console on my MBP I start the Admin Console straight from my MBP by entering the server IP address and port 16000 in Safari, so in my case  I can download the console to my MBP, no need to bother with screen sharing.


                    Hope that helps,


                    Best regards,


                    Ruben van den Boogaard

                    Infomatics Software


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                      I've seen some weird lag and redraw issues like you are saying with screen sharing too. I don't use it for administering FMS, only when I need to do something on the Mac itself. For anything FMS related, I run the admin console on my local machine. Much better experience.


                      I don't actually think the issues you are experiencing are performance related, just flakiness in the screen sharing.




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