Can see Host, can't see hosted files

Discussion created by nealalanfrank on Aug 27, 2013
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Hi all,


I just recently set up a Mac mini to be my development FMS server. I want to connect to the Mac mini from my MacBook Pro directly through firewire. The mini has Mtn Lion. My MBP has Lion. I have installed FMSA12 on the mini. I have FMPA12.v04 on the MBP. The Admin Console will launch just fine when opened directly on the mini. However, I am unable to bring up the Admin Console from my MBP. Using Open Remote on my MBP I am able to see the mini under Local Hosts just fine, but the files don't show upon selecting the host. Under Favorites I am able to see other hosts just fine so I was ruling out that it could be the server.pem file. I did check the Firewall on the mini and when it was ON i checked the open ports and 5003, 16000, and 16001 were in the list of Open Ports. Currently I have simply turned the Firewall OFF in an effort to rule things out. I'm feeling stumped. What else could it be?


Thanks for any help on this!




Neal Alan Frank

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