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    containerBridge.php file


      To display FileMaker container field on web pages using FileMaker PHP API, I am using containerBridge.php file.

      I have written following code to display the container data (which is an image file).


      $Map= currentRecord->getField(‘Map’); //This is a Map field which contains Map image


      <img src="containerBridge.php?path=<?php echo urlencode($Map)?>" border='0' width="170" height="129" >

      And, in containerBridge.php page, I have written following code:


      //Connection details to connect database.

      $connection =& new FileMaker($database = $database);

      //Use following if database and web server are on same machine (One machine configuration)

      $connection->setProperty('hostspec', $hostspec);

      $connection->setProperty('username', $username);

      $connection->setProperty('password', $password);

      echo $connection->getContainerData($_GET['path']);


      Using this method, in HTML web page source view (browser source view), I am getting following <img> tag with container path details:

      <img src="containerBridge.php?path=%2Ffmi%2Fxml%2Fcnt%2FBM%25202N.jpg%3F-db%3DTest_Project%26amp%3B-lay%3DWeb_TestLayout%26amp%3B-recid%3D2%26amp%3B-field%3DImage%281%29" border='0' width="170" height="129">

      So, in this case, I am facing problem while making this images as a “search engine friendly”.

      Is there any other way to display the FileMaker container images on web pages using PHP instead of using containerBridge.php, so that it just give me only <img src=’image001.jpg’ border='0' width="170" height="129" > source code in browser source view?

      Thanks, MetaSys