Remote Container Storage Workarounds

Discussion created by robkeys on Aug 29, 2013
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I am developing a text parsing solution for some .txt files our company gets from the State. I'm using a combination of python to parse the files and ODBC to import the parsed records into Filemaker. It's all working great, but i'd like to be able to provide the users a way to upload the raw reports using Filemaker, and then just have my python scripts grab the txt files from the remote storage directory. S far that piece is not working so great. Filemaker Server doesn't allow the selection of other storage locations than the default ([hosted location]/Files/[db name]) for containers for databases it hosts (as far as I know). What I have settled on is just having python reach through the network to the storage folder and get the file to parse it, but I really don't like this solution and am actively searching for some other way to get the file from my container onto the client machine (where the ODBC data source lives) without having to specify the network path in my python script (it's a little insecure).


Note: I've also tried mapping network drives and doing a junction (windows environment, obv.), but since FMS is a service I have to map that drive manually at boot, or before executing my script which is just as inelegant as making python reach into the host machine.


Has anyone else had a similar problem? How did you end up dealing with it?