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Problem when importing .txt using script

Question asked by LabsRock on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by FritzMills3

I've been around and around with this one because I keep thinking I'm missing something obvious. I'm scripting the import of a rather large set of data from a tab separated text file. I tested the import by running it manually and everything went fine. But when I include the same import as a script step it seems to go through the motions, showing the progress on how many bytes have been imported (just like in the manual run), but when it gets done there are zero records in the table. If I then go in and run it mannually again, using all of the same settings as the script that just ran, I get the 94,000+ records.


I'm beginning to wonder if the file is damaged and will probably test that next. Has anyone ever run into a similar problem? Is there check box somewhere I could have missed?


Thanks in advance for any input.