XML Import from a URL

Discussion created by Get(3rdRockData) on Aug 28, 2013

When I tried to setup an XML data import via a URL in FileMaker 11 I discovered that it did not work if the URL was secure. After a little sleuthing I discovered that a few others had figured out this was a shortcoming of FileMaker 11, but that it was corrected in FMP 12. I tested the import via a secure URL with FMP 12 and it worked as expected.


My client has since setup a new development instance of the XML data source and didn't make the URL secure on it and now the import only works in FMP 11 (and previous), but not FMP 12.


Can someone please confirm that what I'm experiencing is the expected behavior between FMP versions 11 and 12? And if it is, what's FileMaker's reasoning behind this? I'm finding no documentation by FileMaker to support the changes I'm seeing between versions. Anyone from FileMaker, Inc. who would like to chime in?