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    Go to Field/object in FInd mode - dynamically


      Well, I had this going once a few years ago but after racking my brain and trolling hte forums for 30 mins I can not come up with the answer. So apologies since I am sure this has been covered before...



      I assign the field (text, no formatting, allow entry on find) an object name and lay a button on top of the field which checks for Find mode. When in find mode it goes to the object correctly but does not allow me to type into the field. I have tried adding a Set field (blank), Set field by Name (additonal param passed for field name), Go to field (blank) etc after the Go to Object...but none of these work.


      How to I get it to allow me to correctly enter the FIELD (not just the object) so that I can type in my find request?



      Thaks in advance.