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Web Viewer Content Black for Valid URL

Question asked by jsorge on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by steve_ssh

I have a web viewer that I'm setting via script (a la Jason Young's excellent new SQL Explorer from SeedCode). I build the HTML via script and when I set the content of the web viewer to the HTML it is black. However when I paste the source into a test file it works in Safari.


The way I'm doing it is at startup exporting the CSS, JS & JQuery to a unique folder in the temporary path and setting a global variable to my HTML template that's linked to those files. The script will take the content that I want displayed and substitute it in, thus creating good HTML to display in the web viewer.


FileMaker is showing the black box (shown in one image). Safari shows the content of the HTML (shown in the other image). I'm also attaching the entirety of my HTML. Can you see where am I falling down? Thanks for any help!