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    Emailing Groups


      I have created a database of music students and my goal is to email students, and or parents from groups such as the Band and Choir. I'm not quite sure how to tackle this


      My Tables






      Ideally, I would like to choose multiple groups such has "Band" and "Choir", and give me the option to send to...

      Students and/or

      Parents the student is living with and/or

      all parents


      Then show them in a portal.


      The relationship between the students who live with their parents are their address.


      Should I find the students and parents from the various tables and export/import them into a separate table to send the email?


      I'm open to all suggestions to accomplish this.

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          No, export/import is overkill.


          If you're using FM12 you can just collect the relevant email addresses in a number of different ways:

          - if relationships and TOs already exist you can use GTRR to build the found set and then send the email (remember that the Send Mail script step has an option for "multiple emails: one per record in the found set"

          - if no relationships exist you can do a scripted find to produce the same found set and send the email

          - or do an executeSQL to collect the email addresses in a variable and loop through that to send out one email per collected email address





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            Thanks for the great advice!