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    Solution for a bilingual school in Japan ?



      I'm a Belgian Filemaker alliance member and looking for a solution for a bilingual school in Japan.

      Do you know filemaker based software packages for schools? 


      Admin, grades, sick reports, busing, emergency  info, later stakeholder comm and surveys.

      Web and local network access.



      German, Japanese must,

      + English nice to have.

      And customizable.


      Asking much?

      Thanks for your help.



      Didier Daglinckx


      Interactive Data

      Want to know more about Filemaker ... have a look at Learning-Filemaker

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          Take a look at this example; it shows a way to get a multi-language user interface.

          This may be useful only in case you want to develop your own FM solution! :-)


          I hope this help!


          Kind regards

          Enzo Borri

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            Thanks Enzo,



            We hope that we will not have to reinvent the wheel and find an existing solution we can push forward.



            Concerning the multi-language user interface, I don't see the link. Can you write it again ?



            Didier Daglinckx

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              I am not sure that you are going to find a "generic" complete K-12 solution. 


              Most of us who work in this area build solutions for specific clients that are crafted to fit their unique situation and needs.  There is no market for a generic solution since any such solution would have to be customized a ton to work with individual clients, thus negating the vlaue of the general flavor of the application.


              However, there are folks who have created "generic" solutions for specialized areas in education that are pretty portable from place to place.


              If you do not want to start from scratch then perhaps the best answer is to find one that has been created for a similar school and then do the custom work to make it fit your situation. 


              There are a number of small to medium sized develpment companies that have crafted applications for private schools and that may be the best starting point for your search.



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                Thanks FM !


                The visibility of such development companies is not great.



                The Filemaker website doesn't have a lot of examples ... in fact 9


                The Filemaker representive in my area doesn't know and is searching.


                In fact he suggested me to ask here for inputs.



                What suggestions to find them can you do ?

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                  Send me an email @bill_harman@mcpsmd.org for a few names and suggestions.



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                    I am one of those independent developers that have created a very robust Student (School) Information System in Filemaker. Like Bill said, my solution is very customized burt it does cover a lot of areas: the typical Student and Family information, Attendance, Medical and Emergency data, Staff, Classes, Report Cards, etc as well as a lunch program, day care tracking and billing and even an online store for purchasing uniforms. I would be interested in discussing it with you to see if there was something there you could use.

                    Vaughn Meyers



                    I Think

                    everybody should


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                      Hello Vaughn,



                      Thanks for your answer.



                      I've sent it to the person in charge in Japan, I imagine that you will have a direct feedback from him.



                      Have a great sunday,




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                        Hi Didier,


                        If you are still looking for a solution, we have a team that has done rollouts of this type of Filemaker based solution in over 10 schools in Japan and Asia over the past few years. The solution is already in use in over 200 schools worldwide and is focused on providing a properly structured solution for Admissions, Registrar and Development functions of a school while offering the flexibility to adapt to specific school needs in each country due to Filemaker at the core.


                        Feel free to contact me with some of the details on the school, location, size, age groups, type of reporting needed, who to contact, and approximate timeline for implementation if they deem this is the right fit. You can reach me via direct message within this portal or via email directly and I can make the introduction to our team.


                        thanks, Jason


                        Jason Wik

                        Sentree K.K.

                        People-rooted Technology


                        Phone: +81-3-5496-7559