Should Validation For a Field Be Enforced During a Script if Set As Only During Data Entry?

Discussion created by jmci on Sep 3, 2013
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I'm designing a system to replace a legacy system. The system permits users to enter time item records. The TimeItem table has a field Hours_Actual__n into which the user enters their hours worked. The legacy system didn't restrict the values of this field but the client now wants users to enter values in 1/10 hour increments and wants the new system to enforce that rule. To accomplish this I have added the validation calculation Mod ( Self ; .1 ) = 0 and that seems to do the job.


I have a data migration script that imports data from the legacy system and, so that that my new data validation calculation wouldn't exclude the legacy data, I set the field to validate only during data entry. Nevertheless records where the value of the old Hours_Actual__n field don't conform to 1/10 hour increments cause an error during script execution and are excluded. Does anybody have a suggestion?