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    FMS12 Service not starting (but kind of is) on Mac 10.6.8


      Hi All,


      I'm trying to get FMS12 working on Mac 10.6.8. It had been running fine but then I ran a software update (which included Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 16) and after reboot, the service wil not start. The system console says it starts for a second then teminates abnormally. The start page (at port 16000) is not available and the FMS console will not start.


      9/3/13 12:05:18 PMcom.filemaker.syslogger[54]Starting FileMaker Server processes...
      9/3/13 12:05:18 PMcom.filemaker.syslogger[54]Starting Progressive Backup process...
      9/3/13 12:05:18 PMcom.filemaker.syslogger[54]Starting Database Server process...
      9/3/13 12:05:18 PMcom.filemaker.syslogger[54]Starting Admin Server process...
      9/3/13 12:05:18 PMcom.filemaker.syslogger[54]Database Server process has terminated abnormally.
      9/3/13 12:05:18 PMcom.filemaker.syslogger[54]Starting FileMaker Script Engine process...
      9/3/13 12:05:19 PMcom.filemaker.syslogger[54]Admin Server process has terminated abnormally.


      I thought maybe the java update tweaked things out (they always seem a bit touchy, guess I should've known better) so I decided to uninstall/reinstall from scratch as it's just a development server at the moment. Still nothing.


      What's strange is, if I try to run the updater to update FMS to (we're on OS 10.6 so can't go to 12.0.4), it says I must open the Admin Console and stop the server. But when I go to the server's page (or run my old FMS Console App), it says it's not there.


      We're on a Mac Pro (1,1, dual core Xeon 2.66Ghz, 9GB RAM) running 10.6.8. As I said before, It ran fine before this latest update.


      Firewall is off. Web sharing is on and the generic Mac Web page is up and running. A port scan of port 16000 says it's closed. I tried turning on the fiirewall, was immediated prompted to allow/deny access to the various filemaker services, clicked allow and the daemons appeared in the list. But still no access. I turned it back off.


      Rebooted. Fully shut down. Out of ideas.