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    Help with warehouse storage solution


      Good afternoon everyone,


      There have been developments. Some of you were so nice to communicate with me on a previous discussion. Unfortunately this has not led us to discovering a solution off the shelf, so we decided to build ourselves.


      Like I commented in the other discussion: we're a business start-up and we provide storage of physical stuff for whoever needs it. So here's the thing.


      There is this warehouse. The warehouse has metal racks along the walls. The racks are divided into columns.

      There are 12 columns. Each column has 4 shelves. Each shelf is divided into quadrants. There are 12x4x4=192 storage lots.

      There is a table called t_lots with 192 records.


      A client wants to store stuff in the warehouse. We make a storage contract for a client. Each storage contract can have multiple contractlines.

      Each contract line can have multiple storage lots.


      To make the previous paragraph possible a link file was created. Each one record in the link file unites the primary keys of a contract line and a storage lot.


      Sofar I've been able to design the database with all its connections and integrity safeguards.


      The challenge is to create the interface that will adhere to the business rules in such a way that is will:

      - Allow the users to easily allocate multiple storage lots to contractlines (e.g. check a box in a list of available storage lots)

      - Allow the users to easily re-allocate storage lots to previously allocated contract lines (warehouse clean up, consolidation and/or expansion)

      - Allow the users to easily remove previously allocated storage lots to contractlines (owner picked his stuff up and cancelled the contract)

      - Allow an easy overview of which storage lots were allotted to which contractlines

      - Allow an overview of freely available storage lots

      - See a list per storage lot of what's in there and which clients it belongs to.


      I have a clear picture of how this should work, but lack the appropriate FM skills to pull this off by myself.


      Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Provide examples? It would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks again & with kind regards,



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          this has not led  us to discovering a solution off the shelf, so we decided to build ourselves.


          Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Provide examples?


          Given that you are asking for this level of assistance, your decision to build the solution yourself may be rash.


          Any of the commercial solutions will provide a good foundation. They represent thousands of hours of work, so put that cost into your decision.


          If you're comfortable with filemaker you can then add the bits and pieces that are unique to your needs. Or you could speak to the solution designer about adding those bits and pieces.



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            Hi Malcolm,


            Thanks for your comments. The thing is that I have found very little commercial FM solutions (perhaps I looked in the wrong places, hence this discussion)

            Actually I found only one, and this turned out too high an investment for a startup like us.

            The rashness of the decision to build ourselves is not because we're subborn and pigheaded, but more driven by the fact that we're open for business and need a solution quickly.

            Also, we've got the functionality issued covered (if all else fails we can create records and linktable records one by one - 'by hand' so to speak) it's just the question of how to make FM do this in an easy way.


            Kind regards,